Fine Arts

Students at CCS learn to develop their talents in the arts for the purpose of glorifying God in excellence.


Visual Arts

  • K-4: Drawing, painting, papier mache, and various crafts that practice the color wheel and basic art principles of design.
  • 5-6: Drawing, painting, landscape, watercolor, art design instruction.
  • 7: Drawing, painting, watercolor, sculpture projects that reinforce basic art design elements.
  • 8-12: Drawing, painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil), photography, sculpture, ceramics, and art history, movements, and techniques. Students also help with spring play set design projects.

Student artwork is exhibited at the Art Show each May. Guests may visit and peruse artwork while enjoying music and refreshments. This event showcases the creative art pieces that have been carefully created over the course of the year- truly an impressive event!


Choir students perform at the Christmas Concert in December and the Spring Concert in May. A variety of instruments, singing, narration, dance, and worship may be incorporated. These concerts include students in grades K-12, and are a highlight of the year!  Click the link to watch a video about the recent CCS Choir Tour 2017



  • K-4: Elementary grades occasionally put on classroom plays for other elementary grades and parents/grandparents.
  • 5-6: This class typically performs "A Christmas Carol" during the Christmas season.
  • 7-8: In Spring 2014, Mr. Passano directed "A Midsummer Nights Dream" with most junior-highers participating. Rehearsals take place after school M-F. The production this year was delightful and creative!
  • 9-12: Students in grades 7-12 may participate in the annual spring play, usually taking place at the end of March. Rehearsals take place after school M-F.
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