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    Christian Worldview

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There is a way that children should go. It is a straight and narrow way. It is a way that will lead them to right living, moral uprightness, respect for authority, care for others, and love for God.

It is the role of parents and those they call on to help them, to train up their children so that when they mature into adulthood, they will stay the course. "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Our post-Christian culture is sending a message to Christian children that their parents are out-of snyc with the new normal. It is packaged as a generational difference; religious adults are holding on to old-fashioned values while the rest of the world is showing tolerance, respecting diversity, and fighting for the civil rights of oppressed people. Many Christian kids are caught in the middle. They want to honor and obey the teachings of their parents on one hand, but are barraged by changing cultural norms that are reinforced by celebrity media, Facebook friends, and even the White House. Parents are playing defense and hunkering down but this storm won't be weathered soon.

For two millenia, Christians at odds with the culture have survived their minority status by providing their children with an important support system - the Body of Christ. Children have been raised and influenced not just by parents, but by significant other adults that have served to reinforce the Biblical values and principles that have given them identity as followers of Christ. Extended family, neighbors, church and school leaders, scoutmasters and others have provided reinforcement which forms in children Biblical identity.

Sadly, the pillars of people support are eroding and kids have never been more isolated. Alone in their bedrooms with their screens, they are learning about the world from Google and You-tube. The biblical foundation that mom and dad have established in the home is under seige by a culture that demands conformity to a new set of ideals.

This is where Christian schools have such high impact. A Christian community of students, parents, teachers, and coaches, will form in children the reality of Christian identity. Ehics and values, drawn from the Scriptures and reinforced by adults and older students, provide a good framework for Christian child development. This simply won't happen with a child and his Bible app. People need people and young people need lots of them. Christian schools are an anchor for children in a society that has lost its way because they provide great role models that re-inforce Biblical living. In the world of Christian schooling, our superheroes are ordinary people that help parents by stepping into the lives of children, demonstrating for them the way they should go.




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