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There are about fifty million children in America's schools today. Christian schools instruct a very small percentage of them. The government schools overwhelmingly educate our young people.

Most people accept this. A common perception is that all schools teach math, science, social studies, literature, and offer additional elective courses. Where kids get their education is of less importance than the fact that they get one. The high school diploma caps the thirteen year process.

Today's emphasis is on 21st century skills and in particular, "critical thinking". This is promoted as analysis, the questioning of the status quo, challenging accepted authorities. Traditional benchmarks of society, i.e. the Constitution and the police, are being put on trial by an emeging generation not satisfied with life as we have known it. In the name of critical thinking our government is using the vehicle of education to shape the reasoning of a generation. Their success is amazing.

Christian education teaches children to look at life from a different starting point than themselves. The Creator established our reality and He didn't offer much negotiation. When the Son of God states "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me," you believe Him or you don't. When it comes to the basic structures of life: authority, gender, responsibility, etc. there is not much room in God's economy for critical thinking. American schools are instructing students to be "open" and come to their own conclusions often based upon what's trending or what's polling. Christian schools are teaching their students to be open to God and embrace His ways and His Kingdom. When schools promote globalism over nationalism, when they revise the historical record to achieve cultural correctness, when they endorse deviant and immoral behavior, they have transitioned from places of learning facts and skills to agents of social change. It happens in North Korea all the time. Must it happen here, paid for by the tax payers?

There is a place for critical thinking in the classroom if we are discussing politics, economic theories, philosophy or literature. But if critical thinking has come to mean challenging the Judeo-Christian principles taken from the Bible and incorporated into the foundation and infastructure of our nation, we have lost our compass and have become a nation adrift.

Ironically, Christian schools, often criticized for repressing free thinking in their students are actually producing the most liberated. True freedom is not defining your own reality, it's discovering God's.

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