Associate Program

Academic Associate

  • Takes classes on a semester basis
  • May participate in sports at reduced rate
  • Expected to attend class regularly, complete all assignments, and comply with CCS policies and dress code
  • Report card issued quarterly
  • The school does not keep records for, nor offer diplomas to Associate Students
  • Open to students in grades 7-12

Core Class

$400.00 (5 days/week. Two core classes maximum.)

Elective Class

$270.00 (3 days/week), $200 (2 days/week), $100 (1 day/week)

Upper School Master Schedule 2018-2019 

Sports Team

$240.00 per season (if enrolled in course)
Per season, grade 6-12. Associates will be accepted as roster allows. 

Athletic Associate

  • Participates on an athletic team without enrolling in classes
  • May enroll at the beginning of sports season
  • Not included in most Associate Student on-campus privileges
  • Expected to attend practices and games regularly and comply with CCS athletic policies and sportsmanship
  • Open to students in grades 6-12

Fall Sports - Soccer and Volleyball

$410 for grades 9-12 (Varsity)
$265 for grades 9-12 (Jr. Varsity) and grades 6-8 (Jr. High)

Winter Sports - Basketball

$350 for grades 9-12 (Varsity)

$250 for grades 9-12 (Jr. Varsity)

$225 for grades 6-8 (Jr. High)

Spring Sports - Baseball/Softball

$265 for grades 7-12

*All listed fees are per season.  All sports fees include uniforms but not tournament expenses.



All applying students and at least one parent must meet with the Headmaster before acceptance. Associate students may enroll at the beginning of an academic semester.  Returning associate students must submit an application each year.  

Associate Application Packet (Returning students do not need to resubmit references nor schedule the headmaster interview again.  All other documents need to be submitted each year.) 

For more information and/or questions, please contact us at or call the school at (440) 748-6224.

What are some differences between associates and fully-enrolled students?

Available to Academic Associate Students*

  1. Classroom Instruction
  2. Standardized Testing
  3. Athletics (see fee schedule)
  4. Quarterly grade/CCS credit for course
  5. Chapel
  6. Most school events and socials, including retreats
  7. Academic course field trips
  8. Winter Formal (grades 9-12)
  9. Academic Challenge (for enrolled course)
  10. Cedar Point (last day of school)

*With the exception of athletics, these privileges are not available to Athletic Associates, only to Academic Associates enrolled in classes.

Available Only to Traditional (fully enrolled) Students

  1. High school diploma
  2. High school transcript
  3. Class group picture
  4. Privilege system rankings
  5. Senior privileges
  6. Junior/Senior Banquet
  7. Graduation-related events/ceremony
  8. Class awards

To consider traditional enrollment, visit our Admissions page.

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