IN ALL THAT WE DO and say, we strive to represent Jesus Christ, His love, and His teachings. We are not affiliated with a particular denomination or church; rather, we represent a variety of Christian backgrounds, churches, and denominations. Biblical values such as service, obedience, compassion, prayer, discipline, worship, and love are taught and reinforced daily.


IN A CULTURE where healthy relationships are being eroded, CCS stands strong as a place where students develop genuine relationships with their teachers, peers, coaches, and other parents. In addition, entire families are warmly encouraged to become involved, invest in relationships with each other, and offer their hearts and abilities to the fabric of our school.


SINCE 1994, CCS has given a strong liberal arts education for grades K-12. Highly qualified, experienced teachers invest themselves into small classes where an impressive variety of core and extracurricular subjects are taught. Athletics and fine arts offer amazing opportunities outside the classroom for students of all abilities.

Moral Education

"The training of heart and mind to honor God by doing what is right."

The Virtues We Teach

  • Honesty
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Self-Discipline
  • Work
  • Responsibility
  • Friendship
  • Perseverance
  • Loyalty
  • Purity

The Methods We Use

  • Precepts and rules: right and wrong from God’s Word
  • Direct Instruction, classroom integration, Bible classes, chapel
  • Exhortation: Care groups, athletic coaches
  • Training / mentoring: relationships with teacher
  • Moral literacy: biographies, stories that inspire

The Results We See

  • Young people strong in character and conviction
  • Students with a Christian worldview that impacts their choices and everyday living

Mission Statement

As a support to evangelical Christian families, the mission of Christian Community School is to provide an academically excellent, biblically integrated education which promotes Christ-like character, preparing students to serve God and impact their world for Christ.

Teachers & Administration

Joel Brickner


Rick Willis

Development Director

(School Founder)

Carl Bosworth

Technology Coordinator

Lynn Myers

Office Manager

Holly Young

Kindergarten - First Grade

Karen Winter

Second Grade

Donna Guenther

Third/Fourth Grade

Kristen Green

Fifth/Sixth Grade

Elizabeth Bennett

Middle School Specialist

Bruce Hoftyzer


William Brown


Dawn Reed


Mike Demchak

Social Studies

Michael Hoehn

Social Studies & Bible

Parag Joshi


Norma Sabath


Karen Doane


Esther Graham

Learning Therapy

Brian Smith


Amanda Kennedy

Elementary Music

DJ Boss

Athletic Director

Karlyn Meng

Book Keeper

Molly Cleveland

Lunchroom Coordinator

Lois Mowry

Office Assistant

Wendy Leetch

Office Assistant

Jennifer Johnson

Parent Volunteer

Cassandra Bowden

Parent Volunteer

Bonnie Krause

Grandparent Volunteer

Helen Dugan

Teaching Assistant

Karen Plechaty


Al Roach

Facilities Manager

Dean Poore

Legacy Gym Manager

Melissa Miller


Tammy Smith


Dave Saunders


Board of Directors

Gary Bowden
Joel Brickner
Ron Sandoval
Tony Johnson
Jason Leetch
Tom Spaulding
Sam Reed


Not Pictured

Lydia Markovich (Art)
Nancy Markovich (Physical Education)
Lori Solak (Lunchroom Coordinator / Keyboarding Teacher)
Steve Jacovetti (Custodian)

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