• Academic Excellence

    Academic Excellence

  • Distinctive Education

    Distinctive Education

  • Authentically Christian

    Authentically Christian

  • Enriching Community

    Enriching Community

  • Where You Belong

    Where You Belong

  • Light and Darkness

    Light and Darkness

    Ohio in October can't be beat. Crisp weather, harvest moons, vivid colors. God's creation is at its finest and when you know the Creator, it's awesome. Enter Halloween - darkness, evil, perversion, death. The Bible tells us that even though light has come into the world, men love darkness rather than the light. (John 3:19).

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  • New But Not Improved

    New But Not Improved

    Have you noticed that in education everything is always new. New learning theories, new programs, new methods, new technology, new facilities. The world of education thrives on the "next big thing". From Progressive Education to open classroom to outcome-based education to No Child Left Behind to Race To The Top, to hands-on learning, to 21st Century Skills, to Common Core. American schooling always seem to be on the precipe of success. In all this marketing and hype, the one thing that doesn't seem to improve is student achievement.

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  • Tell The Truth

    Tell The Truth

    In America, we must stop lying to children and start telling them what is true.

    The truth is that God made all people either male or female and it is good. God did not make a mistake when he created people.

    The truth is that marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman for life, and it is awesome. There is no other human relationship where the two shall become one.

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