• Academic Excellence

    Academic Excellence

  • Distinctive Education

    Distinctive Education

  • Authentically Christian

    Authentically Christian

  • Enriching Community

    Enriching Community

  • Where You Belong

    Where You Belong

  • The Way They Should Go

    The Way They Should Go

    There is a way that children should go. It is a straight and narrow way. It is a way that will lead them to right living, moral uprightness, respect for authority, care for others, and love for God. It is the role of parents and those they call on to help them, to train up their children so that when they mature into adulthood, they will stay the course. "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

    Our post-Christian culture is sending a message to Christian children that their parents are out-of snyc with the new normal. It is packaged as a generational difference; religious adults are holding on to old-fashioned values while the rest of the world is showing tolerance, respecting diversity, and fighting for the civil rights of oppressed people. Many Christian kids are caught in the middle. They want to honor and obey the teachings of their parents on one hand, but are barraged by changing cultural norms that are reinforced by celebrity media, Facebook friends, and even the White House. Parents are playing defense and hunkering down but this storm won't be weathered soon.

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  • I Can't Help But Wonder

    I Can't Help But Wonder

    "I Can't Help But  Wonder"

    One of the beautiful things about children is their curiosity. Life is new to them and they think and wonder about things all the time. We have all noticed how frequently they inquire why things are as they are. But what happens to a society when its children stop wondering? When the answers to questions become a click away, does the actual thinking process in children become compromised?

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  • Non-Critical Thinking

    Non-Critical Thinking

    There are about fifty million children in America's schools today. Christian schools instruct a very small percentage of them. The government schools overwhelmingly educate our young people. Most people accept this. A common perception is that all schools teach math, science, social studies, literature, and offer additional elective courses. Where kids get their education is of less importance than the fact that they get one. The high school diploma caps the thirteen year process.

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