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A New Generation is Rising

What if a student learned one principle that Jesus taught every  week? That would be 36 principles in a school year. What if those 36 principles were reinforced through thirteen years of schooling? That would be life changing.

Jesus taught principles: forgiveness, contentment, foundations, asking and receiving, self-denial, light bearing, and so much more. At CCS, we are identifying and teaching the principles of the Kingdom of God. Children are so receptive to God’s truth presented, not legalistically, but as life-giving truth.

Our task is to train world changers and it starts with seeking first Christ and His kingdom. Academia, fine arts, athletics, all are arenas of life that give opportunity to seek God and His ways. A new generation is rising – students that have chosen not to conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of their minds. (Romans 12:2) A new life requires new thinking. The principles of Jesus are where we start.

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