• Academic Excellence

    Academic Excellence

  • Distinctive Education

    Distinctive Education

  • Authentically Christian

    Authentically Christian

  • Enriching Community

    Enriching Community

  • Where You Belong

    Where You Belong

  • We Are All Artists

    We Are All Artists

    God is creative. Man is made in His image. Therefore, man is creative. The engineer is creative in his design. The musician is creative in his composition. The gardener is creative with his flora. The baker is creative with her cakes. Has God ever fashioned a non-creative human? Impossible. The artistry of God has been given to us; it's in our constitution.

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  • Walk-in Wednesdays

    Walk-in Wednesdays

    Are you interested in visiting CCS for possible enrollment next year?  

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  • We're Positive!

    We're Positive!

    At Christian Community School, we are for...

    Small class sizes, moral and wholesome literature, traditional marriage, the fine arts, preparing for college, Biblical truth, the U.S. Constitution, cursive handwriting, the unborn, godly teachers and mentors, Biblical discipline, older students helping younger ones, school prayer, loving Jesus and loving one another. That's who we are.

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