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Workathon 2014

The Search and Rescue Workathon Teams are getting ready for the big day on Friday, May 2nd. Right now they are searching for sponsors. Can you rescue them? Here are a few ideas:

* Sponsor a teacher! Put your money on Clancy, Hoftyzer, Demchak, Winter, Guenther, Doane, Passano, Bennett, Boone, Hollins, Young, Smith, Sabath, Houston, Byler, Reed, Markovich, Graham, Willis, and any of the others! The top sponsored teacher will get a nice gift card.

* Give CCS an item of value and we will sell it on Craig’s List and put the money toward the Workathon class or person of your choice.

(c) Offer to match a Wokathon gift.  Leverage your money to make even more money.

We are at 43% of our all-school goal with only a few weeks left. Our grateful customers are excited about all the work that will be happening at their homes. Let’s all make this year’s Workathon a success!

Will the Real Patrick Heath Please Stand Up!

Is Mr. Heath a Christian or not? Does he meet secretly with other “religious fanatics” or is he walking the legal line between simply owning a Bible and actually confessing that Jesus is Lord! In the year 2024, that confession has consequences.

 The Testimony of Patrick Heath” will be performed this Friday and Saturday evenings (April11-12) at 7:30 p.m. on the CCS stage, 35716 Royalton Road, North Eaton, Ohio. Tickets sold at the door.

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