Christmas is Coming – Get Ready!

Preparation for Christmas comes in many ways. Beyond the tangible “stuff”, there is a readiness that involves the soul. Our Heavenly Father had a holy anticipation for centuries until the fullness of time. The Beloved Son came to earth to redeem us back. We should have a similar anticipation, awaiting the wonderful day of Christmas when the incarnation of Christ again reminds us of the awesome way God has brought us salvation.

We enjoy a second anticipation – the return of the King. In a world that had no room for the infant Jesus, we await the risen and exalted Christ that is preparing many rooms for His people.

Christmas is coming – let us prepare our hearts.

An Authentic Christian School

The term “Christian School” means different things to different people. To the CCS community it means…

1. A Christian philosophy of education that sets at the heart of all learning, the Word of God. It goes beyond adding a few Bible verses or “Christianized” content to actually centering academic content on Biblical principles that form a Kingdom of God worldview.

2. Content: Biblical principles, the virtues, character education, core academics, elective subjects.

3. Methodology: Kingdom First approach to learning, The Trivium, cooperative learning, mixed age learning, Socratic method.

4. Motivators: Classroom teacher, parents/coaches, older students, biographies of great people.

Christian Community School is seeking families that take seriously the desire to educate children in the ways of God. Families are encouraged to visit our campus, meet some great people, and start the journey. Call us at 440-748-6224. God bless you.





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